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CoreMaster International Inc. (the Company) is engaged in the research and development of magnetic cores and related magnetic products. It and its affiliated companies are in their 7th year of operations in the design and engineering of power efficiency products.

The Engineering Team is headed by Dr. Edward Price who has for over 40 years been deeply involved in leading edge technology research and development. Dr. Price was the inventor of the Cordless Microphone in 1968, the hand held Calculator in 1972 and numerous other inventions as well. He and his engineering team have developed unprecedented levels of power efficiency in the Company's unique Cores.

The Company also benefits immensely from the design and writing contributions of Colonel William T. McLyman who joined the Company's research and development team in 1998. Colonel McLyman was for many years a leading design engineer for Jet Propulsion Labs of Pasadena, engaged in the NASA Space Program, from which he retired only recently. He is also the distinguished author of the most widely referenced set of magnetics materials research books in the world, and the founder of Kg Magnetics software. He is a frequent lecturer on magnetics design in seminars throughout the world.



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